Democrats Can't Do What They Did to Kavanaugh to Coney Barrett
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Democrats Can't Do What They Did to Kavanaugh to Coney Barrett

Democrats abusively berated Kavanaugh during his hearing, they better not repeat the same mistake for Coney Barrett.
Democrats Can't Do What They Did to Kavanaugh to Coney Barrett

If you followed the news during 2018 at around the same time, you probably heard about Kavanaugh and heard about the sexual allegations against him, with Kamala Harris absolutely pummeling the man with meaningless buzzwords and rape allegations that had absolutely no evidence besides testimony, and if you believe in the whole "Believe Women" movement, you should set your priorities straight before trying to fight for Black Justice.

I watched this man get accused left and right by radical Democrats that want to do nothing but stall and stall and stall, berate this innocent man with their critical race theory, attack his family with threats of violence, accuse him of sexual misconduct, and I watched him on the verge of tears listening to this, probably wondering to himself why someone do something so blatantly evil? Kamala Harris knew what she was doing, other Democratic leaders knew what they were doing, but it didn't matter, all they wanted was to make sure Trump's right to nominate and appoint a judge was denied, and keep all the power to themselves, even if it meant making up lies on the spot and doing the most nasty of political acts.

But now with the election coming up soon and RBG's untimely death for Democrats, Trump now has the opportunity to shift the tides of the Supreme Court for possibly an entire generation. If he manages to get Amy Coney Barrett to the SCOTUS, it'll have a six to three conservative majority, a big win for us conservatives.

The Kavanaugh Effect

During the Kavanaugh hearings, Republicans and moderates alike frowned upon the Democrat's uncivil actions and insults towards him, leading to increased support for conservatives and Republicans, and as Crabtree of RCP says, "Senate Republicans argue that a nasty, Kavanaugh-like redux would benefit them far more than Democrats by alienating independents."

When Tara Reade said that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993, Harris was immediately quick to believe her just like how she believed the women that accused Kavanaugh, but that was when Harris was running against Biden. Now that Harris is on Biden's ticket, she immediately dismissed Reade's accusations; Democrats aren't exactly known for their consistency and integrity.

A lot of Democrat leaders have learned from their mistakes, and some are confused about how to handle this confirmation hearing. Obviously the first thing that comes to Democrats' minds is attack their personal/moral character and call them a racist and bigot, but I think that they realized that that isn't going to work this time. In an article by Axios, "Democrats privately fear that going too hard on Judge Amy Coney Barrett in her confirmation hearings could wind up backfiring if senators are perceived as being nasty to an accomplished woman." I like how Democrat leaders have to make a conscious effort in order to have an ounce of respect and not be a completely asshat.

A top Democrat strategist from the Axios article even said, "One more fear on Barrett: the adoption thing ... Gotta avoid that." As if there's absolutely anything to attack  a Christian woman for adopting two children from Haiti.

Here's the icing on the cake, take a look at some of these Twitter threads:

These radical Democrats literally can't control themselves. Even after Democratic leaders tell them not to personally berate Barrett like they did to Kavanaugh, these children just love to insult and call conservatives racists.

Things to Know About Amy Coney Barrett

Amy Coney Barrett is an accomplished Christian woman that probably has very little if no dirt on her. Take a look at this article for more details.

She has seven children, one of which has down's syndrome, and two are adopted from Haiti.

Barrett is a staunch conservative with strong religious views, that of which has garnered attention and controversy from people on the right and left.

She's graduated from and taught law at the University of Notre Dame.

She's been nominated to the Court of Appeals by Trump.

People say that ACB could possibly overturn Roe v. Wade, but ACB said that, "[she] would faithfully apply all Supreme Court precedent," meaning she respects stare decisis, making it very unlikely that she would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Overall, any moderate, non-radicalized person can look at this person and applaud her for her accomplishments, and congratulate her on her seven children. Obviously the radical Democrats won't do this since all they care about is their feelings and rights to kill babies (which Barrett says that she won't even overturn).

Amy Coney Barrett is an American, like you and me, with staunch conservative views that are in no way radical, and I hope that the Democrats don't treat her the same way they treated Kavanaugh, because I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemies.

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