Donald Trump Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize
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Donald Trump Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

If Obama managed to get one, Trump deserves it just as well, if not more.
Donald Trump Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

Is Donald Trump a stand-up guy? Probably not. Is he a particularly friendly dude and has a decent personality? I don't think so. But that's not what the Nobel Peace Prize about, because the Nobel Peace Prize is about one thing: Peace; and Donald J. Trump furthered peace in the Middle East more than any other president in the past century.

If Obama managed to win the Nobel Peace Prize for not ending America's conflicts in the Middle-East, then I guess anyone could win the Nobel Peace Prize. Trump landed 3 Historic Peace Agreements in the Middle-East: Israel-Bahrain, Israel-UAE, and Serbia-Kosovo, all of which greatly increased recognition and normalization of relations to and from Israel. If that doesn't spell out peace for you, then I don't know what will. Trump did more to normalize relations in 47 months in office, than Biden did in 47 years in Cogress and Obama in 8 years as president.

I Don't Care What Kind of Person Donald Trump Is

Like I said at the beginning, the Nobel Peace Prize isn't judging Donald Trump for his character, it's merely judging on what he did to further peace in the world, and he certainly did that. I don't think Trump is a particularly nice guy, he's probably a pretty harsh dude if he were to be met in person.

Like a lot of people say, Trump has no filter; I understand that Trump can seem a bit off-putting and downright aggressive sometimes, and that really showed during the debate on Tuesday, but again, that's not what the Nobel Peace Prize is judging. If you're going to take into account someone's personality and past actions into determining whether he or she wins the Nobel Prize, then I can guarantee you that most people that have won a Nobel Peace Prize never should've won it in the first place.

Trump is an entertainer at heart, and that's why his supporters have so much love an enthusiasm for him. When was the last time you ever saw someone wearing Biden merchandise or have Biden signs planted on their front yard? I live in the Suburbs in Southern California, and everyday I come by people with Trump hats and Trump yard signs, and people talking about how excited they are for this upcoming election, without a worry in the world about Biden potentially winning.

Leftists Refuse to Acknowledge His Peace Deals

Leftists are the most goddamn predictable bunch on this planet, you can always count on them to hold one and one opinion only: Orange Man Bad. That's literally all they know. That's what young leftists know, what they grew up learning, that Orange Man Bad. There're two types of reactions by the leftists when Trump was nominated thrice for the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • "The peace deals weren't even that good or important bro, like, anyone could do that." Oh yeah? Then why couldn't Obama do it?
  • "Let's just get rid of the Nobel Peace Prize. Something is obviously wrong if this orange lunatic can win it." I'm looking at you The Atlantic.

The leftists won't let Donald Trump have a single victory, and they won't give credit where it's due. I might be a conservative-libertarian, but I know when credit is due, and I don't hesitate to applaud people on the left for the (rare) rational acts that they do.

Politics have stopped being about Republicans vs. Democrats, it has now devolved into Trump vs. Literally-Anyone-That-Isn't-Trump. Do you think that people who are voting for Biden actually likes him? Of course not, no one in this country actually truly thinks Biden is a better candidate than Trump, but what are they going to do, vote for Trump? Like Hell they will.

A Conversation I had With Friends

The Media Will Find a Way to Twist This

After Trump's historic peace agreements, he then planned to reduce the number of troops in the Iraq and Afghanistan, in order to fulfill his campaign pledge of getting our troops home, which I, along with every American, should heavily agree with. Although, in that same Politico article, they couldn't stop themselves from mentioning the allegations that Trump called U.S. troops "losers" and "suckers." The story was first reported by the Atlantic by an anonymous source.

The leftist media and journalists used to actually care about getting real information out to the public before they became leftists, now they'll just accept literally anything that they hear as truth without confirming it, as long as it hurts the Orange Man.

Why would anyone disagree with the peace agreements and removing our troops from war-torn areas, do they not like peace? That's a rhetorical question, of course they don't like peace, look at the Obama administration. Even with such a positive event for the world as normalizing relations and furthering peace in the Middle-East, the leftist media will still manage to twist the news to frame Trump in a bad light, and brainwash the American people.

Look at this CBS article, they described Christian Tybring-Gjedde, the politician that first nominated Trump for the prize, as being a part of the "far-right." What is considered far-right in Europe? It's probably moderate with a very slight-lean towards the right here in America. I hope that I've shown you enough evidence to tell you how absolutely desperate the media is to paint Donald Trump as literally Hitler, and his supporters might as well be Hitler too.

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