Finally, an Example of a Sensible Democrat
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Finally, an Example of a Sensible Democrat

Tulsi Gabbard stands out among the woke left by having common sense and moderate views.
Finally, an Example of a Sensible Democrat

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What?! Tyler is actually complimenting a Democrat? I know, I wouldn't believe it myself. But recently, specifically in the past 2 months, Tulsi Gabbard has become probably my favorite Democrat, and a lot of like-minded conservatives would probably agree. The reason for this is that Gabbard is simply a person with common sense and realizes some universal truths about our nation that shouldn't even be argued over, and her recent actions have garnered controversy with Democrats for not being radical enough.

Just yesterday, the $900bn Covid-19 relief bill was finally passed by Congress after months of debate and gridlock by the witch that is Nancy Pelosi, and is making its way to President Trump's desk, where hopefully he will veto this abomination of a bill that does more for foreign nations than the United States. The bill is 5,593 pages long, currently the 5th longest bill ever written in the United States, and it is extremely wasteful in its spending, giving billions of dollars to foreign nations, bailing out industries like movie theaters instead of small businesses, and only giving the American people $600 a week.

Considering that the bill was released to members of Congress only a few hours before they would vote on it, do you really think that all of those Congress members actually read the entire 5,000 pages and noticed all the fine print that will take advantage of civilians that need help most? Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) voted against the bill for the very same reason.

Gabbard was one among 53 members of the House that also voted no on this atrocious bill, and she explained why in a video:

Finally, a Democrat that is standing up for the common populace who realizes that giant industries and corporations shouldn't get any more money than they currently have. If you're going to hold up Congress and put it in a deadlock over a bill, you might as well make sure the bill is good.

The liberal elites don't really believe in equality, they believe in hierarchy. You're supposed to put a cloth diaper over your face, and never see your family members for the next two years, but Gavin Newsom can dine at the French Laundry with his elite group of friends like Covid never existed. You can't go to work and support your family, but Nancy Pelosi can get her hair done and eat ice cream. The Democratic Party touts itself as being the party of inclusivity and equality, but historically their policies has only implemented a reverse caste system in which people of color are deemed more essential and important than non-colored people (asians included).

Earlier this month, Gabbard also introduced a bill protecting babies that survive an abortion. It just makes sense right? If an abortion is attempted, and the baby is born alive, are you going to just kill the baby right then and there?

Democrats along with leftists on Twitter immediately started slamming Gabbard, accusing her of attacking women's rights and being anti-trans. Yeah, you heard that last part right, anti-trans. Apparently saving abortion survivors are anti-trans.

This just reaffirms the fact that woke leftists are not planted in reality. They are in a dreamland where everything we know about the world is flipped on its head, and it is always opposite day for them. Gabbard at least has some sense of reality,  she can differentiate right from wrong and has basic moral and ethical values. She is one of the few moderate Democrats that hasn't completely lost their marbles.

Why do the Democrats even feel so strongly about abortion? Why is terminating a baby such a big deal to them? I really wish that there were more pro-life Democrats, or at least offering a moderate compromise like Gabbard is doing.

Tulsi Gabbard is the exact opposite of what AOC is, and Gabbard is what the Democratic Party needs in order to stay relevant and not become too radical, or else they'll risk losing key elections later down the line.

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