Free Speech? Never Heard of It!
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Free Speech? Never Heard of It!

Big Tech's decision to collectively and simultaneously ban and censor conservative voices from their platforms shows that they really do not care for "unity."
Free Speech? Never Heard of It!

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In the days following the attack on the Capitol Building, Big Tech oligarchs have all decided to have a major purge of major conservative voices from their platforms. On Friday and the following days, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and even Spotify, has banned President Trump from their services, along with his supporters. This has sparked outrage from people on the right, and jubilation from people on the left. Hollywood celebrities rejoiced at this information, saying that it was about time President Trump and those crazy conservatives were kicked off. Funny enough, these celebrities and people on the left can make false and violent statements against conservatives all they want without any repercussions, not even a warning.

America was founded on fundamental principles that have allowed it to strive and become the world's sole superpower for decades, and the left wants to get rid of these principles, because they want to see America burn down to the ground. It doesn't matter if China or Venezuela or North Korea does it; the left adores these communist states. Biden has repeatedly used the word "unity," saying that he will try to "unite" the divided America again. Apparently banning and telling conservatives to shut up is the first step in unification.

Following the social media purge, conservatives decided to migrate to other services, the most popular right now being Parler – a Twitter-like social media platform that understands what free speech is and doesn't censor anyone. Big Tech doesn't like this, so Google has removed Parler from the Google Play Store, and Apple has removed Parler from the App Store. Parler's servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services, and Amazon said that they will be taking down Parler also. The reason that was given for this decision is that these apps are a haven for far right Nazis and white supremacists, and that they just want to protect the nation by making sure these Nazis can't plan an attack like the one at Capitol Hill.

Obviously this argument is completely bogus, because Twitter and Facebook were used to plan race riots and demonstrations all over the country for close to a year now. These riots burned down hundreds of business and killed dozens of people, so why aren't people on the left getting banned? Big Tech is the reason why American politics is so polarized. They want their platforms, which hold the majority of speech and discussion on the Internet, to be only liberal and leftists discussion. They don't want any opposition. They don't even want to acknowledge that conservatives exist. In their world, leftism is the answer to all of the world's problems.

Our democratic institutions are anything but robust (anymore).  The political debate is flirting with civil war as progressives in Congress and on social media gang up to censor conservative viewpoints.  Citizens have no confidence in their elected representatives, the legal system, the media, or each other.  Public officials encourage disrespect for the laws they are sworn to defend.  Our cities are being torn apart with rioting, looting, and arson as mayors and governors encourage the breakdown of civil order.
Ed Brodow

Leftists call conservatives hypocrites for saying that social media giants shouldn't be allowed to just censor people, because conservatives like private companies, and private companies are allowed to do what they want. And that's true, private companies are allowed to do whatever they want, but then maybe these tech giants shouldn't be private companies at all. Leftists say that if a religious baker is allowed to reject baking a wedding cake for a gay marriage, then social media companies are allowed to reject certain opinions.

The problem with this idiotic comparison is that a baker doesn't control speech and the passage of information that social media giants do. People depend on social media to get their opinions out to the public and garner support. These social media giants literally shape the way that we speak, the way we think, and the way we vote. I am all for free enterprise and private corporations, but there needs to be some regulation for these giant companies. Social media is no different from let's say utility companies. Private utility companies are heavily regulated by the state government so that they can't just deny a family electricity and power because they don't like them. Likewise, so many people depend on the internet and social media to let their word be heard that it is now a responsibility of the government to regulate social media, and ensure the people's right to freely speak in a public forum, no matter their opinions.

But honestly, I think the best solution is to just stop using Big Tech's services in the first place. Stop using Amazon, stop using Netflix, stop using social media. Get out and meet some real people and have real personal conversations. Go out to the farmer's market or the butcher for your groceries. Buy all of your things in person in stores, especially small businesses. Kaczynski was right. The advent of technology following the industrial revolution has only led to the detriment and degeneration of human society. Not to say that primitivism is the answer, but we need to acknowledge the harms that technology has done to us, and figure out the best way to deal with them.

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