I Was Right, The Democrats Have Broken This Election
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I Was Right, The Democrats Have Broken This Election

Two days after the election, and we still don't have a winner... all because of the Dems.
I Was Right, The Democrats Have Broken This Election

I've said it before, and I'll repeat myself once again. Democrats have broken the election. We literally have an "Election Day," for a reason: in order to stop fraud, and have the numbers update in real time, with everybody waiting in anticipation for the new President of the United States. What's the point of having an Election Day if the Democrats just decide to accept votes via mail months before the election day?

I, along with 7 of my friends, got together, without any fear of the China virus, and watched the election unfold live with great optimism for Donald Trump. We screamed in joy when we saw Florida go red, then Texas, then Ohio, and his numbers in the rest of the swing states looked very strong.

The only zoomers that really matter

As with any election party, the only good way to end an election is if there's a goddamn winner announced, but because of the Democrats, the party ended without a satisfying resolution. Biden still held the lead in electoral votes, but Trump's  numbers were still strong.

Fast-forward to Wednesday morning, Wisconsin is now blue, and Michigan just flipped Democrat.

What the hell just happened?

I'm not going to say that this is 100% voter fraud, but it at least deserves some attention and looking into; which is what the Trump Campaign is doing by filing many lawsuits against many states, demanding a recount in Wisconsin.

The Current Situation

Currently, there's some debate about the actual state of the election. Some networks put the score 253 to 214 in favor of Biden, and others put it at 264 to 214, also in favor of Biden. The key state that is of debate is Arizona.

On election night, at around 86% of votes being recorded, Fox News locked in Arizona as a Biden win. AP News then also followed suit, along with Google, Politico, and others.

Other networks, such as NBC news, ABC news, and CBS, have not locked in Arizona, although they do say that Arizona is likely to lean Democrat.

Arizona is supposed to have the official results released tomorrow, Nov. 6.

As of right now, there are four key states that will determine the outcome of this election: Georgia (16), North Carolina (15), Nevada (6), and Pennsylvania (20). Alaska (3) is still in play, but their small amount of electoral votes at this point in the game is no longer worth looking at.

The striped states have not been called yet, although Arizona is debated.



For the sake of the article, let's say that Biden did win Arizona, putting him 6 points away from winning the Presidency; and lucky for him, Nevada is exactly 6 points, and he is expected to win Nevada by many sources.

The cards are stacked against Trump now. Biden just needs to win one of the four above states, and he wins the Presidency; the only state that won't secure him the Presidency is Alaska.

On the other hand, Trump needs to win all four states mentioned above, in order to gain an electoral college win at 271 votes. Whew lad.

So we're all desperately waiting for additional results to come from Nevada, as it will determine whether Trump still has a chance of winning this broken election.

Trump is currently filing lawsuits against many states, asking them to audit their results, and like Biden, Trump will most likely not concede even if it seems like he lost the election.

We expected to find out the official results of three of the four above states on Thursday, and Pennsylvania being scheduled for Friday. But so far none have locked it in yet.

Why We Can't Have a Repeat Of This Election

It's pretty obvious why we can't have a repeat of this year's election. It sucks not being able to know who our President will be. Democrats have pushed for mail-in-ballots that are taking literally days after the election to count, for the sake of public safety;  except for the fact that it is literally completely safe for people to go vote in person, and I've written articles saying so with testimony from Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx.

Despite all that, Democrats still have the audacity to force a cloth diaper over our faces, and tell us to vote months in advance in order to stop this virus. While Dems may have a somewhat valid excuse in the eyes of the public to have mail-in-ballots, if they win this election, they might even force these mail-in-ballots down our throats even further.

We need to protect the tradition of Election Day. On Election Day, people come out in droves in order to vote and demonstrate to the world what democracy looks like, and by the end of Election Day, the most powerful man in the free world is then revealed. If we don't even have this tradition anymore, then why do we even hold elections?

We shall see what lies in store for us tomorrow, although I wouldn't count on there being a winner announced anytime soon.

Have I mentioned how much I hate Democrats yet?

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