Joe Biden (Harris) Is Your Next POTUS Following an Attack on Capitol Hill. What Now?
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Joe Biden (Harris) Is Your Next POTUS Following an Attack on Capitol Hill. What Now?

Democrats now controls all levels of the federal government, and conservatives are in for a rough few years.
Joe Biden (Harris) Is Your Next POTUS Following an Attack on Capitol Hill. What Now?

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So, the final bell has been rung, and the victory of the 2020 Presidential Election is Joe Biden. Last night, at around 3:00 AM EST, Mike Pence along with a joint session of congress counted and confirmed all the electoral votes, with the final tally being 308 for Biden, and 232 for Trump. This follows after a long day of rioting and protesting at Capitol Hill, where criminals stormed the Capitol building, and defaced the very grounds where democracy is done.

A lot of people asks me and other conservatives what our opinions are regarding the attack on the Capitol building yesterday morning, and my answer is clear: the people that stormed and vandalized the building are criminals, and they should be punished for their crimes. Now as for the majority of people who never set a foot into the Capitol building, and peacefully protested outside the building premises, these people are not breaking any laws, and they are exercising their constitutional right to peacefully assemble and protest.

I don't even know what those people that stormed the building were even trying to accomplish. Four people died as a result of this act of dissent, and for what? What was accomplished? It was a truly horrible thing to have happened, but let's compare what happened yesterday with your typical BLM "protest."

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Four people died as a result of the actions of some stupid criminals that stormed into the Capitol building. In any given BLM riot, it's not surprising to see upwards to 10 people killed, and dozens injured, along with countless small business owners having their business burned down to the ground. And of course the obvious excuse that these radicals give is, "who cares if their business is destroyed, they'll have it back tomorrow because of insurance." Clearly these ignorant bastards have actually never owned insurance ever, because first of all, insurance only covers up to a set dollar amount, and in the majority of cases, the cost of repairing everything far outweighs the insurance payouts.

The fact that Joe Biden is now the President-elect with Democrats controlling both the House and the Senate, yesterday was quite possibly one of the worst days in modern politics for conservatives. And I honestly do not see Republicans being president for the next decade, and possibly more. America is changing radically and culturally, and liberalism has shifted the Overton window so far to the left that Republicans are going to have to step up their game and widen their appeal if they want a shot at winning any election in the future. We only hear stories of states turning blue, and never states turning red, and it's quite disheartening.

The Republican Party is also full of squishy "conservatives" that don't actually care about conservative values nor protecting the constitutional rights of citizens. Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell comes to mind. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz and Matt Gaetz are people that actually care about conservatism and support President Trump, one of the most conservative presidents since Reagan. Donald Trump was never a Republican, and neither am I. We are conservatives, and it's just a coincidence that the Republican Party is the closest thing that actually stands for the majority of our values.

There are too many old people in Congress, and like Trump has suggested time and time again, it is time to drain the swamp. Impose term limits on congress members, and maybe even force them to take an aptitude/comprehension test from time to time to make sure that their mind is still functioning correctly. Old, career politicians like Schumer, McConnell, Biden, and Pelosi needs to get out of office, enter retirement, and spend some time with their family.

It's not all bad news though. Republicans did flip a bunch of house seats during the general election, and maybe they'll gain back the house majority in 2022 when people realize that giving Democrats full control of government is akin to selling your soul to China. Democrats also only have a razor-thin majority in the Senate, so I  don't see them being able to ram through legislation like the Green New Deal for example.

Whatever happens in the future, conservatives and Republicans alike are in for a rough time, and we all better pay attention. I honestly do not see Joe Biden being able to last a full term, and I am fully prepared to see Kamala Harris be President.

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