Joe Biden Is (Probably) the Next President of These United States
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Joe Biden Is (Probably) the Next President of These United States

Although not really.
Joe Biden Is (Probably) the Next President of These United States

Over a week has passed since the election on November 3rd, and the race has been called for former Vice President Joe Biden. If you read my last article, you know that Trump needed to win every single swing state in order to secure the election, but alas Biden has managed to flip Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada; Trump only managing to win North Carolina.

So what does this mean?

This means that Joe Biden has been unofficially been deemed the president-elect of the United States by every major media network, with the score currently being 306 - 232 in favor of Joe Biden. With a lead that big, as much as I hate to say it, Biden is probably going to be inaugurated on January 20th.

But we still have an inkling of hope, because even though the media has called the race for Biden, nowhere in the constitution, nor in any past cases, does it say that the media determines the winner of the election.

We are currently in the certifying results phase of the election, in which each state audits and makes sure that their results are a-ok, which Donald Trump is arguing against. On December 14th, that is the day when our electors in the electoral college cast their vote for who gets to be President of the United States, and whoever gets 270 wins the election.

What Happens Now?

While we're in the certifying results phase, Trump is trying to do everything he can in order to halt the certification results in key states, trying to find evidence of fraud during the election which caused Republicans to lose the election.

Things aren't looking particularly good for Trump's legal teams, as one of them has bailed out due to harassment and attacks by unhinged leftists out for blood, literally wailing their eyes out because Trump wouldn't concede (am I supposed to believe that those are real tears?).

At this point in the election, Trump shouldn't be looking to flip states and win the election, but to rather just sow seeds of doubt so that Biden's victory seems illegitimate. As to whether I think there was fraud or not, I don't know. Obviously fraud is the easy answer and excuse, but I honestly have no idea. Maybe there will be insane evidence of widespread fraud coming in the next few days.

Fraud or not, this election wasn't all Democratic wins. Republicans managed to flip a few House seats that was thought to be unflippable, and they've also managed to hold onto the Senate. So Republicans still hold a majority in the senate, and a conservative majority in the Supreme Court. While the Democrats might have won the federal executive branch, I think Republicans won the states/local governments, and with the help of redistricting, I think we're set to win a whole of a lot more elections in the future if the Democrats don't change their platform, and soon.

Obviously I'm not happy with the current state of the election, but at least I'm not outside in the streets rioting, screaming, and destroying cities like the deranged leftists out there.

The Legacy Media Must Die

If there's anything that was proven during the election, it's that the legacy media has absolutely no credibility, and the people that talk on those networks don't own their own opinions.

They may have predicted a Biden win correctly, but they severely underestimated the conservative voices in America, and actively silenced us. They refused to cover the Hunter Biden laptop story, they refused to decensor the New York Post, and every single day you were pummeled with "Orange Man Bad."

Here at Zoomer's Rants, I don't get paid for writing, and I write whatever the hell I want to. I own my own opinion, and I'm not going to let some toxic, corrupt, corporate nutcase tell me what I can say and what I can't.

Conservatives Must Set An Example of Common Decency for the Left

No matter how upset or angry we are at the current state of the election, we mustn't behave rashly or become literal apes like the left. We must learn to just learn with what's we got, and to be completely honest the President doesn't affect us personally as we think it does because of federalism (which the left doesn't really understand the concept of).

We mustn't riot, we mustn't break the law, and we must act with the kind of decency that is absent in the radical left. We are facing a domestic enemy that truly and genuinely hates America, hates its history, hates its culture, and hates everything that we as Americans stand for.

Now I might be sounding like the radical one here, and maybe I am, but keep in mind that I'm talking about the deranged leftists, not the moderate, left-leaning liberals that at least still have some piece of humanity left in them.

Let's look on the bright side, if you voted for local elections, go and check those results, chances are you managed to vote in a few conservative politicians and rejected/accepted whichever propositions that you voted for. So let's just ride the wave, live in the present, and keep on living, because politics isn't everything.

So that's that, Biden is the president-elect, possibly will be inaugurated, and we'll have make the best of it.

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