The Issue of Racism and Riots in America
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The Issue of Racism and Riots in America

Racism is a hot topic right now in America, and the left has made it their mission to paint themselves as righteous people, while making conservatives seem like racists.
The Issue of Racism and Riots in America

To make this clear, if you haven't already read the first article, this is a conservative/right-leaning blog, so obviously I'm going to cover topics that I generally agree with and find interesting. So please try and not personally attack me for my own views and opinions that I have formulated through my own personal circumstances and lifestyle.

Right off the bat I want to state that racism is a horrible, horrible thing that goes against everything that America stands for as well as our values of liberty and pursuit of happiness. I believe that's a statement that almost every good-hearted American can agree with. Racism is bad, end of story. There shouldn't be any debate about it, and it definitely shouldn't become a partisan issue either: except the far left has made it one.

The Democrats' "Inclusiveness"

Ever since Bush, the far left has made it a goal, a mission, to try and separate all Americans by making them solely identify with their race, and not as Americans united under the flag. The Democrats prides themselves on being inclusive and open to people of all races, except the Republicans are like this as well, and they don't pride themselves on it because why would you pride yourself on something so simple as not being racist? The Democrats are all for demographic diversity, but if you so much as propose a moderately right-leaning idea, you'd better prepare yourself to the oncoming ostracization and verbal abuse. The left does not tolerate ideology diversity.

If you're a good person, you'll post a black square on your Instagram feed; if you're a righteous person, you'll go out and riot during a pandemic; if you're not racist, you'll vote for Biden in November. If you fail to do any of these things; sorry, you're a racist, bigoted, person that hates America and black people.

Identity politics has taken upon new vigor since Trump got elected president, and the left has taken full advantage of the situation by divvying up people with similar backgrounds and skin tones, and trying to get them to fall for their childish propaganda.

"America's System is Flawed and Inherently Racist"

The left loves to spout this garbage out, it's almost like their chant. The left has managed to make the general public believe this nonsense, saying that America now is no better than America during the 1800s; they act like the Civil Rights Act didn't exist, and if it did, it was mostly for show and didn't have any noticeable impact. All of this is false. Does racism still exist? Of course. Did America have slaves? Undoubtedly yes. But the real question is, how do these past faults affect people of color today, and what can we do to remedy it? The answer is unclear, but what is clear is that America has come a long way since Jim Crow and slavery, and all Americans have more or less the same equal opportunity to succeed and achieve the American Dream.

The American Dream Is Still Alive

My family and I are first generation immigrates, and my parents have sacrificed so much and worked so hard in order to make sure that I have the opportunity to achieve my own personal American Dream; while my parents haven't had the time or opportunity themselves to become super successful, they sure as hell made sure that I had that chance. The definition of the American Dream has changed over the decades, but the possibility of achieving success and providing for your family and loved ones has always been a staple of the American Dream.

Following the tragic death of George Floyd, the Democrats made sure to exploit this horrific event and use it to their advantage for the upcoming 2020 elections. They turned Floyd into a martyr, and encouraged the destruction of everything that America stands for; and the people that are following the left and their mob rule, they don't even know why they're looting and destroying, they are part of the mob mentality and just want attention. Notice how almost every single picture of the 2020 riots has a phone filming the scene? They aren't rioting for black rights, they're rioting for attention.

The left won't be satisfied with mere liberal changes, they want an outright cultural revolution, sound familiar?

Racism is a real thing, and it's a shame that some bigots still do it, but America has always been a nation founded and bounded under our values of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Democrats are no longer progressive, they are regressive, trying to limit our freedom of speech by imposing political correctness, and judging people based on their skin color, not their character. I have no issue with liberalism and trying to improve the lives of minority groups, but the far left has gone too far and will not rest until America is no longer America, but rather an autocracy based on socialism.

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