The Blatant Indoctrination of America's Youth By the Leftist Education System
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The Blatant Indoctrination of America's Youth By the Leftist Education System

It's not just universities that are brainwashing the youth, it's the entire public education system.
The Blatant Indoctrination of America's Youth By the Leftist Education System

For decades now, America's education system has been overrun with leftists at all levels. While most of the brainwashing and indoctrination occurs in universities and colleges, slowly but surely primary and secondary education will also follow suit. Parents should be very careful about what school they send their children to, and if possible, consider private schools or homeschooling, at least for primary education;  that way you can be more assured that the leftists' radical agenda won't corrupt your children.

Matthew R. Kay Admits To Brainwashing the Youth

I've known for a very long time now that the education system in America is controlled by the left and it probably won't change for quite some time, but now I actually have a reason to write about it.

Last Saturday, August 8th, a Philadelphia public school teacher by the name of Matthew R. Kay admitted that "conservative parents are [his] chief concern" regarding virtual education due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Take a look:

Kay admitting to indoctrinating the youth
Kay has since made his Twitter profile private

Absolutely sickening, Kay isn't even a university teacher, he's a public school teacher. It is not the job of any kind of teacher to indoctrinate his or her students, their job solely lies in the purpose of educating them in an unbiased and fair way, and if politics must be said in the classroom, offer both sides of the argument, while not taking any side.

Kay says that he is involved in "the messy work of destabilizing a kids racism or homophobia or transphobia." I'm sorry, but I must have missed the memo that said that kids are automatically racist, homophobic, and transphobic; what a startling revelation! Mr. Kay is walking around his classroom, "knowing" that his students are racists, and actively trying to turn them into Marxists. Parents must take more action in parenting, teaching their kids what they know are morally good, and deny the schools the power to raise their kid for them.  

Luckily, most teachers and people reading that twitter thread replied in horror and disgust, rightfully so; but there were many others that actually agreed with Kay, even offering strategies as to how to keep the classes a secret from conservative parents, such as typing secretly into the chat whenever an issue concerning race or sexuality comes up.

Schools Are Not Safe Spaces

Kay states that students have "depended on the (somewhat) secure barriers of our physical classrooms." First of all, classrooms and schools are not safe spaces; if anything, the pressure to conform due to peer pressure and teacher pressure are immense, and could definitely be the cause for the rise in youth suicide rates in the United States. Now of course that there are things that kids may say in school that they can't say at home, but to believe that the at-school version of a child is the most authentic version of him or herself is foolish. As Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire also points out, it's these teachers that are suggesting that schools are safe places, that are also saying that schools are ripe with bullies and that bullying is a major issue among schools; so which is it?

A Classroom is meant to offer a good education, allow students to socialize with their peers, and if they succumb to peer pressure, that's on them, but in no way should the teacher actively try and convert a child into their own personal ideas and beliefs.

"The Conservative Parents Don't Know Anything"

The teachers supporting this horrendous tweet calls conservative parents "outsiders," saying that their presence during virtual classes is impeding on the indoctrination of the youth.

Teachers are suggesting that keeping secrets with students away from their parents is the best way to ensure a good learning environment. I don't know about you, but having an adult that isn't your parent keeping secrets with you away from your parents seem pretty predatory to me; almost as if they're trying to make you succumb to their radical ideas and establish a revolution within the family household.

These radical teachers argue that they can't possibly offer a good education unless they have an intimate knowledge of the students, even more so than the students' own parents. As I have stated time and time again, the left only allow ethnic diversity, different ideas are off the table and have no right to be taught to these racist students. Conservative ideas are considered old school and a detriment to evolution of society, the family is considered unimportant, and the only thing that matters is "equality" for all.

It is not the job of the teacher to be an educator, psychiatrist, sex counselor, parent, and friend all rolled into one. A teacher is one thing and one thing only, a teacher that teaches their specific field/subject. I think we can all agree on that statement. The powers of the teacher must be limited at all cost.

The School is Not the Parent of Your Children

The modern education system has viewed themselves as the wardens and guardians of these so-called oppressed students at home, and it is their duty to allow the students to fully and truly express themselves. But you must realize that children are exactly what they are, children. They can't make rational decisions by themselves, and they definitely shouldn't be force-fed communist propaganda by anyone, and definitely not from the school system.

Core traditional family values must be kept intact, and parents must realize the risks associated with sending their child off to school. The education system is trying to turn the students against their parents, against tried and true conservative values, against religion, while supporting their "science" such as gender-studies.

What would you rather have the child belong to their parents, or the school system (essentially the state). If you must send your son daughter off to the school system, such as for college, at least make sure that he or she has the mental capability to make rational decisions and clearly spot the blatant brainwashing by the teachers and not let such rambling affect their views of the world. Don't let your young child be pummeled with the left's globalist world view, consider homeschooling or private education institutions.

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