The Democrats Won the White House; But They Lost Everything Else
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The Democrats Won the White House; But They Lost Everything Else

And more Republicans victories might ensue in the decades to come.
The Democrats Won the White House; But They Lost Everything Else

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At this point in the election, it's basically a given now that Joe Biden has won the Presidential Election. But at what costs? Republicans might have lost the White House, but they're most likely going to hold onto the Senate (50 to 48 - 2 more seats up for grabs), and they've gained a net 8 seats, while Democrats lost a net 7 seats.

In fact, one of the seats that flipped Republican happened right here in my district. I think around 4 or 5 seats in California alone flipped from Democrat to Republican, which is a sign that despite the nation electing Joe Biden, they're not willing, ready, and able to stand for the radical Democratic agenda. In California, proposition 16 and proposition 21, which reinstates affirmative action and establishes government rent control respectively, were struck down by the people by wide margins. So even in a liberal hive mind state such as California, at least we still have some common grounds to realize that affirmative action is a stupid idea and isn't fair in the least bit.

Hopefully with the Republicans holding onto the Senate they'll be able to somewhat stop sleepy Biden and radical Harris from completely demolishing this country.

Local and state elections are probably a better indicator of what the American people want, and the fact that the Republicans have flipped so many House seats is definitive proof that America doesn't want what the Democratic Party is offering. They don't want their radical ideas, they don't want insane taxes, and they don't want to go full socialist and Marxist. Every single person that likes the Democratic Party is someone that isn't happy in their life, and they realize that it's completely their fault, and now they want the government to give them a way out.

I also think that Republicans and the conservative movement are in a good position to win many elections in the near future. In the 2022 midterm elections I think we might see Republicans take back the House, and possibly still hold onto the Senate if we're lucky. And for 2024, once people realize what a complete disaster the Democratic Party is, I think Republicans will have complete dominance in government that hasn't been seen since FDR and George W. Bush.

In the 1960s, the progressive movement during the Vietnam War was the counterculture that many young people followed. They thought that partying, binge-drinking, having extensive bouts of sexual intercourse, and taking excessive amounts of drugs was a fun time. And this culture of partying and drinking has also rubbed off on millennials and zoomers; but very soon, a new generation will take on conservative values, and put aside this garbage progressive philosophy. They'll realize that killing babies are wrong, that settling down and starting a family is a good thing, and maybe this nation will once again be a nation grounded on principles of liberty and hard work.

The legacy media has lost the little credibility that they didn't even know they had following the election, and it has now become clear that polling doesn't work, and everything that the legacy media says is a complete lie and no one owns their own opinions.

The radical left will eventually learn to not just listen to what their television says, and maybe they'll do some actual research without having everything spoon-fed to them like the brainless animals they are.

In other news, the Dow Jones Industrial Average surpassed 3000 on Tuesday, another indicator that Donald Trump was an amazing President for the economy. And yet the legacy media is attributing this stock market growth to the fact that Joe Biden is the President-Elect and that people love Joe Biden so much that they're willing to invest even before he becomes President.

Yet in 2016 when Donald Trump took office and the stock market experienced gains, the legacy media immediately attributed that growth to Obama. Double standard much?

If there's one thing that you should take away from this article, it's that you shouldn't trust the establishment media, and do your own research. Listen and read from media sources that actually owns their own opinions and voices. Like this one.

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