The Downfall of Productive Debates
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The Downfall of Productive Debates

Debates and the sharing of ideas and information has been a tried and true method of asking the questions that really matter in society, but the radical left has made it impossible to engage in one without being at risk of personal attacks.
The Downfall of Productive Debates

Politics is a very touchy subject, with people from both sides of the political spectrum being very passionate about what they think is the better policy, fundamentals, and arguments; this is why debates are such an important part of politics because it allows for two parties to share and express their ideas in the hopes of making someone realize something that they didn't take into account before, or even changing your own opinion about a subject. It is very normal in politics for one side to disagree heavily with the other side and vice versa; this is how politics is, but as Andrew Klavan of the Daily Wire states, there needs to be an unbiased third party referee or umpire, in this case the media and journalists, but the media has taken a side, especially social media, which makes it impossible for conservative ideas to spread anywhere, especially to younger people.

There's nothing wrong with disagreeing on someone regarding a subject, this is why debating exists, in order to learn more about the world not just from your viewpoint, but from someone else's; debates should be civil and benefit both parties, but a lot of leftists now are incapable of having a rational discussion or debate or even listening to a speech by a conservative without feeling personally attacked, brutalized, and offended, which leads to a very unproductive time in which no side benefits at all from the conversation.

Personal Experiences

Productive debates are amazing; it encourages people to have an open mind and learn more about a different perspective, mitigating the risk of being too far left or too far right, both of which are equally bad. Debates are essential to the way that Democracy works in America; it's what fuels this nation's vibrant political atmosphere. Living in California for the entire time that I've been in the United States, it comes as no surprise that a lot of my peers are liberal and leftists, possibly even a majority, and sadly I can not even debate politics with the lot of them without being at risk of potentially harming or severing our friendship forever. I believe that once you start talking politics with someone, you are essentially starting off on a new slate, and what happens during this discussion shouldn't seep into your personal relationship with that person; the opposite should also be true in that attacks against one's person and character should not be used in debates regarding politics either.

I've had the pleasure of debating a few of my liberal friends, and I assure you that by the end of it, our friendship became stronger as we now have a respect for each other's words, thoughts, and arguments. There was no hard feelings regarding our personal subjective policies, no resentment, no hatred, none of that. We both benefited from our discussion. Personal attacks have no right to be used in a debate because it just makes both parties emotional, leading to a lower quality discussion and arguments of topics. People that read my blog or listen to my political talks and opinions often think that I hate all liberals, and I don't respect them as human beings, that the world would be a much better place without them; none of this is true, I don't hate liberals, change is eventually needed in the course of history and time, but I do dislike radical leftists, which is anything but progressive, for they are rather regressive, taking away our freedom of speech in order to make themselves feel special, modifying basic biology in order to make themselves a different gender, judging people based on skin color and not their characteristics (identity politics), and tossing away freedom of religion, saying that religion is a sham that only leads to war and deaths.

While I was still in High School I had the same political ideas as I do now, not much has changed, but now I have the confidence to actually write out my opinions and thoughts for the public to see. I rarely talked politics back then with my friends, I was too afraid to, afraid of the endless personal attacks, the spewing of meaningless buzzwords such as racist, bigot, Islamophobic, xenophobic, homophobic, and crazy at me just because I didn't agree with them. They of course didn't offer any kind of counter-argument, they just called me crazy and then left it at that. That's not the kind of debate that Democracy strives off of. Young Americans have so much voting power in their hands right now, and yet the majority of them are not educated voters, they vote according to what social media tells them to, which is always Democrat.

We Are All Americans

Republicans or Democrats, liberals or conservatives, black or white, we're all human beings, we're all Americans under the constitution, and we all have our rights, and we're all equal under law. No one gets to change this fact. We all have the right to speak, practice our religion, and critique others, but as Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report, a married gay man, states in a PragerU video:

The battle of ideas has been replaced by a battle of feelings, and outrage has replaced honesty.

Our Founding Fathers were classical liberals, proponents of free thought, liberty, happiness, and equality; and while the Democrats prided themselves on being liberals and progressive, defending these liberal values now and respecting our Founding Fathers has suddenly become a conservative position. As a kid I was taught in school to respect people of all colors, taught to respect people who were gay, and I wholeheartedly agreed, and still do, with these statements. In that sense I guess I was and still am a liberal; I want the liberty and freedom to speak my mind and not face punishment, I want people to be judged based on their behavior, not their skin color, I want people to live the way that they want to live without government interference or fear of being attacked by others, and the radical left along with Democrats no longer respects these god-given rights and values.

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