The Evils of Streaming Services
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The Evils of Streaming Services

Young and old people alike are now relying on streaming services for all of their media needs, and they've forgotten that they can just buy movies and music.
The Evils of Streaming Services

I absolutely hate streaming services. And it's not like I can fully get rid of them either. I've tried very hard to remove streaming services from my computing habits, and for the most part I've done pretty well. I've gotten rid of Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, etc... in fact the only streaming service that I actually still use is YouTube, and that's because I don't really have a choice if I want to stay caught up with the news.

Streaming services make people lazy, and they take ownership away from the consumer. Streaming services aren't exactly cheap either, and the bills start adding up after a few years. So stop using streaming services, and actually shell out the money for the music or movies that you really like; they're going to be higher quality than any streaming service can get you anyways.

No internet? Sorry kiddo, you can't stream anymore. I go on airplanes quite a lot, and I'd much rather have full 1080p movies on my laptop than those crappy 144p movies on those tiny airplane screens.

One of you is probably going to say some stupid shit like this:

"But Tyler!!!! Spotify Premium lets me download my music locally, so your argument that internet is needed is false huehuehuehuehue."

Let me introduce you to Digital Rights Management (DRM).

So when we talk about music files, we generally think of .mp3s, .wavs, .flacs, etc... All of these file formats are open formats that allow us to listen to music on any application. Downloaded Spotify files are not these types of files; they are encrypted into a proprietary format that only the Spotify application can play. If you try playing these files with any other application, it won't work. So in a sense, even if you downloaded the song, you're still locked into using Spotify's crappy application.

For me personally, I have a 4 TB hard drive chock-full of my favorite Movies and TV Shows, and around 30 GB of my favorite music albums. The benefits far outweigh any "convenience" that streaming services give you:

  • Media is available offline
  • Higher quality
  • I actually own my media and don't have to worry about DRM

Services like Netflix and Hulu also turn us into lazy bastard consoomers that know nothing but to consoom. Do you expect me to believe that you're actually going to watch even 50% of what Netflix has in their catalog? Most of the time that people spend on Netflix is them scouring through hundreds of shows and movies that probably doesn't interest them. And even worse, Netflix periodically updates their catalog and removes movies and shows that they've had for a while. So if you really liked a specific movie or show, you better hope that Netflix doesn't decide to take it away from you.

So it all comes down to freedom really. If you use streaming platforms, you're giving up your freedom to freely access your content at any point. This applies to cloud storage too. Relying on third-party companies to store and serve you your own files is a permanent and constant liability against yourself. What happens if Spotify decides to just shut down one day? What about Gmail? GDrive? OneDrive? So much of our daily lives are dictated by people that we don't even know, nor do we know what they're doing with our information and data. Would you rather trust yourself, or some big-tech conglomerate that doesn't have your best interests in mind storing your data?

Stop relying on internet services to spoon-feed everything to you. Take back ownership of your data, and enjoy technological freedom once again. Streaming services turn us into lazy consoomers, they steal our data, they sell our data, and they exploit us in any legal way that they can. Stop supporting them and their services.

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