The Fall of the Liberal Establishment Media
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The Fall of the Liberal Establishment Media

The aftermath of the 2020 election confirms that the establishment media needs some new leaders, because they clearly aren't doing their job correctly.
The Fall of the Liberal Establishment Media

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The establishment media was always a fluke, and it will continue to be a fluke. And I'm not just talking about liberal media outlets either – although they definitely are the greater evil – conservative media outlets like Fox News are beginning to give in to the liberal hive mind also. As with any big media corporation in which there are chains of command and one must always be wary of potentially losing their job, you ought to take everything that is said on these outlets with a grain of salt, because more like than not those news anchors and opinion hosts don't even own their own opinion.

Obviously there are many instances where this is not the case, but you can never be too sure; so best to just play it safe and stop supporting them altogether, and rather support some independent outlet that actually believes in everything that is being said (wink wink).

The media's refusal to cover major stories before the election such as Hunter Biden's ties to Ukraine and China, and Eric Swalwell's affair with a Chinese spy who was trying to get closer to U.S. intelligence, is an absolute slap in the face to the American people who rely on these media outlets to supply them with accurate information.

In case you didn't know, prior to the election, Hunter Biden's laptop was retrieved and its emails were acquired by the New York Post, where an article was published showing the ties that Joe Biden and his son Hunter had with the Ukrainian government and China. Joe Biden was using his powers as Vice President to send his son over to Ukraine, enriching themselves in the process. What did the media have to say about it?

They immediately started doing what they do best: blame the Russians. Because who else right? Joe Biden is a perfect man, and so is his son. The Biden-Harris ticket is the greatest in all of American history, and Biden is a literal god. There's no way he or his son can do something wrong, if there's any "evidence" of such a thing, it obviously has to be Russian disinformation.

How much will the media suck Joe's shriveled-up flaccid dick? The public had no idea of this story prior to the election because the media fed them false information. Only after the election did the media suddenly decide that it was ok now to let the public know about the crimes that the Biden family did. This isn't even bad journalism and reporting. This isn't journalism and reporting in the first place. The media holds so much power, literally being able to influence the thoughts and actions of the population, and with great power comes great responsibility. Obviously the media doesn't care about any of that, and just wants to get the Orange Man out of the Oval Office.

The media has been wrong about everything. Ever since the Obama administration the media enjoyed absolutely no repercussions for their crappy reporting, until Donald Trump came into office and actively called out these scumbags. The media has lost all credibility, refusing to cover stories that might influence the election, actively censoring conservative and centrist thought to make sure that Joe Biden wins the presidency. They don't even try to offer even a centrist view or counterargument to anything, and they just force the leftist drug down your throats.

Leftism is a plague, a religion that has infected all major aspects and institutions of our daily lives, and no matter what, true conservatives must not wander away from what they know is right. The media uses a lot of dirty tactics to further their evil agenda, but there are still many people out there with at least a couple brain cells that can see the obvious psy-op war the media is engaging in.

Donald Trump might not have been the greatest POTUS, but he did a lot of great things for this country, and awakened a conservative movement that hasn't been this worked-up since Reagan; and despite there being a Biden administration for the next four years, I'm hopeful for the future in which true conservatives and Republicans will start winning many more elections and getting rid of the leftist plague.

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