The Inequalities of Affirmative Action
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The Inequalities of Affirmative Action

Affirmative action is thought of to be a way to make the college admission process more equal, except the way that they implement it is woefully unfair.
The Inequalities of Affirmative Action

Affirmative action is often touted as a way to correct America's racist history and level out the playing field for admission into prestigious universities, but the very act of affirmative action itself is discriminatory by deeming that some minority groups/races (not all) are inherently dumber than other groups, and they deserve an advantage regarding college admissions.

If you think that admission into colleges should only depend on grades, academics and volunteer work, you're not crazy for thinking so; it's only logical. But admission into colleges, especially prestigious ones, not only look at academics, but also your cultural background and your race. You might also think that there's no harm in doing this, that maybe being a minority will help your chances of admission; but depending on what race you are, having colleges look at your background and race can actually hurt your chances at admission.

What Is There To Level Out?

The main problem that I have with affirmative action is that it's supposed to even the playing field for college admission; except there's one thing wrong with that statement: What is there to level out? If you study hard and work hard in high school then you have a higher chance of getting admitted, if you didn't work hard then you have a lower chance of getting admitted, there's nothing to level out here. Ideally in a perfect world, colleges should only look at academic history and volunteer work, but sadly many other factors aside from affirmative action also impact admissions, such as legacy admissions. According to a 2011 study of 30 elite universities, the children of an alumnus is, on average, 45% more likely to become admitted into that school. An earlier study also found that an alumni's children get on average a 160 point boost in the SAT (2400-total).

Colleges and universities like to keep their admission deciding process very secretive, but why? What's the reasoning? No one knows. There needs to be more transparency and set guidelines for what colleges look for in a student, and these guidelines should only include academics in school and voluntary work.

The Inherent Racism Behind Affirmative Action

Anyone with a brain who researches what affirmative action consists of will soon realize that affirmative action is actually prejudiced and racist. Proponents of affirmative action says that it's good for diversity and gives minorities (specifically African-Americans) an equal chance in admissions.

Do you notice something wrong with that statement? Why would they need to give African-Americans an equal chance? Do they think that African-Americans are stupid and dumber than other races? I thought the leftist Democrats were all for equality and saying that Black Lives Matter. But you need to realize that advocates for affirmative action aren't for equality, they're for equity. Proponents of affirmative action themselves are admitting that some races are inherently worse than others, so we need to give these minority groups a little boost in society, no one else is saying this except them.

The popular rebuttal to what I said often goes something like this:

"Well, America was a racist country and had slaves, so we have to have affirmative action as a form of reparations for these oppressed people."

First of all, I want to make it clear that I'm not going to defend slavery. Slavery was evil, actually racist, and hurt a lot of people and their families. Every nation has had bad (nice rhyme) history, but what's in the past is in the past. Slavery has been abolished for over 100 years now, and Jim Crow Laws have been abolished for close to that; and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 further reinforced the fact that black Americans are people, they are Americans, and they deserve the same rights as everyone else does. So to say that reparations in the form of affirmative action is necessary to these black students who never been through slavery, whose parents didn't go through slavery, is wrong and unfair. These advocates of affirmative action want Asian-Americans and white people to sacrifice their chances at getting admitted into their dream university because of slavery and Jim Crow. But I never owned any slaves, and neither did anyone in the past 100 years, so why should I and others have to sacrifice our chances because of something that happened a very long time ago that we have nothing to do with?

Only Some Minority Groups Deserve Affirmative Action

As I stated in the introduction to this article, affirmative action can actually hurt your chances at getting into your dream college, depending on your race. Obviously colleges can't just make more room for more students, so if colleges are going to help out African-Americans by boosting their SAT scores and being lenient, they have to find a group to reduce admissions to. May I present the Asian American.

Asian-Americans overtook Hispanics as the major immigrants in around 2009, and since then Asian-Americans have steadily been proving to the public that work-ethic and determination does significantly increase your chances of success. Statistics from 2012 from the Pew Research Center tells us this:

Asian Americans are more satisfied than the general public with their lives, finances and the direction of the country, and they place a greater value on marriage, parenthood, hard work and career success.

You know what that sounds like? Those qualities are conservative qualities. Conservative qualities and ideas make you more happy, and they value families and tradition, along with a good work-ethic.

But leftists suddenly found out that this didn't fit in with their narrative. America is supposed to be a racist country that only benefits the white man, so the fact that Asian Americans are succeeding in this country is a direct conflict with this narrative. So what did colleges do? They started denying Asian-Americans admissions, and giving these admissions to African-Americans. Who's the racist now?

In a study from Princeton University by authors Thomas Espenshade and Chang Chung, if affirmative action was eliminated from the admissions process, the acceptance rate for African-Americans would fall from 33.7% to 12.2%, and from 26.8% to 12.9% for Hispanics. White student's acceptance rate would rise by only 0.5%, but surprise surprise, Asian applicants would rise from 18% to 23%.

This is wrong. Affirmative action is hurting people to work hard to get into their dream school, and helping people that don't deserve it. As I've said again and again, admissions should only depend on academics, and volunteer work. This way, if you really wanted to go to your dream school, you would have to work hard for it, and build good work habits so that you're prepared. My logic is plain and simple, working hard equals a higher chance of admission, and vice versa.

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