The Left's Attempt to Change and Politicize the English Language Is Exactly Why We Can't Take Them Seriously
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The Left's Attempt to Change and Politicize the English Language Is Exactly Why We Can't Take Them Seriously

The radical left wants to take away our freedom and speech by taking away the intricacies of the English language. The only problem is, they're embarrassing themselves.
The Left's Attempt to Change and Politicize the English Language Is Exactly Why We Can't Take Them Seriously

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Latinx. Folx. Awomen. These are terms that the left has proudly embraced and made a part of their vernacular. Now in case you don't exactly know what these terms mean because you still have at least a couple of brain cells and you understand basic English and etymology, I'll give you the definitions of these terms according to the radical left.

  • Latinx (adj): of, relating to, or marked by Latin American heritage —used as a gender-neutral alternative to Latino or Latina.
  • Folx (n): "Folx" is an alternative spelling to the familiar word "folks". Used to indicate inclusion of marginalized groups.
  • Awomen (n): Some stupid shit that a Democratic House member said because he has no idea what the term "amen" means.

Obviously these terms are a complete atrocity and a spit in the face to the English language and an insult to Jewish and Christian worship. How the hell do you even pronounce any of these words without making yourself look like a complete idiot? There's no way that anyone who understands anything about life actually uses these terms unironically, and even Latinos themselves hate the term Latinx. A poll from 2019 showed that 98% of Hispanics do not identify with the term Latinx, and most prefer to just be called Hispanic or Latino/Latina.

People who use these ridiculous terms are not in touch with reality. They live in a figment of their imagination in which any form of biological gender identity or personal identity is a detriment to society. No more genders, no more science, and no more simple truths that has been true since the creation of man.

Awomen especially is such a stupid term. Just because you see the word "men" as a part of the other word doesn't mean that it refers to the gender. Like do you expect all of us to call menstruation womenstruation? Of course not because it sounds stupid. The liberal left loves coming up with these terms in order to fix the decades of historic injustice to minorities, but they fail to realize that these minorities don't actually like the garbage they're spouting out. As always, white liberal leftists loves feeling bad on the behalf of others, and they never hesitate to feel "white guilt" and renounce their "white privileges."

Folx even is stupid, because it implies that the term folks even inclusive enough. Folk is literally just another word for people. Not white people, not men; just people. So to be completely honest I don't even see any kind of reason as to why this term should be used.

So what happens if you don't use these terms that the left created in order to benefit the minorities? Well you immediately get labelled a bigot, a white supremacist, a Nazi, and a lot of other buzzwords the left likes to throw in our face. If you're not willing to sound stupid in order to pay reparations against minorities, then you shouldn't even exist in the first place.

Luckily, these terms haven't caught on with the majority of Americans just yet, so we're still in the clear there.  But If you know anyone that do act like this, do the whole world a favor by giving them a slap in the face and give them a reality check. Don't take anything they say seriously, they don't believe in biology, they don't believe in freedom of expression, and they sure as hell don't believe in the Constitution.

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