The 3 Faces of Black Lives Matter
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The 3 Faces of Black Lives Matter

It's inarguable that black lives do matter, every life matters; but the term "Black Lives Matter" has taken on several different meaning since it's inception.
The 3 Faces of Black Lives Matter

Almost everyone in America agrees that black lives matter. This isn't and shouldn't be a partisan issue. You don't have to be a Democrat to believe that black lives matter, and believe it or not, Republicans are humans too. A term that has really been hijacked by the left for their political purpose and agenda is the term "Black Lives Matter." On the surface, it seems like an honest to goodness message, of course black lives matter, but this seemingly innocent term has actually come to acquire a number of different meanings, some good, and some woefully bad.

Black Lives Matter has been a chant that the left has used in order to stir up controversy and debate, and try to trap conservatives because the left themselves knows that there's no one definition of the term. If saying "black lives matter" is so simple, then why chant it? Do you ever hear people chant "the sky is blue"? Of course not because it's a given. Everyone agrees on these statements, but it's the implication of the statement "black lives matter" that stirs up controversy, the implication that most people already don't believe that black lives matter, which is immensely false.

Meaning #1: Black Lives Matter

The first meaning of the term black lives matter is very simple and literal: black lives matter. It's as simple as that and for most individuals this is the meaning that comes up when "black lives matter" is stated. There's no debate over this meaning of the term, and it's something that everyone agrees on. A similar statement is All Lives Matter, and while the different meanings of that term are beyond the scope of this article, it should also be accepted that all lives do matter.

I'm not afraid to admit that black lives do matter as a conservative because there's absolutely nothing wrong with saying that with this specific meaning. It's just humane to respect other races and treat them as equal human beings. Racism is wrong, and all lives matter because we all have the opportunity to contribute to society and do something great. This phrase should be uncontroversial, but it's the other meanings that make it so.

Meaning #2: Black Lives Matter (The Organization)

Black lives matter can also be used to refer to Black Lives MatterTM, the Neo-Marxist organization  an agenda that actually has very little to do with improving black lives. For brevity I shall use the acronym "BLM" in order to refer to this organization. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the organization is full radical leftists with radical ideas, just look at their leaders and founders:

  • Patrise Cullors stated in a 2015 interview that "We do have an ideological frame... we are trained Marxists." (
  • Yusra Khogali, a BLM Toronto co-founder said many racist things that actively threaten white people
  • On the official BLM website, one of their goals are to "disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another."
    I don't know how radical an organization has to be in order to support disrupting the family structure, but sure got a lot of people to sign up for their radical ideals.

Black Lives MatterTM was founded in 2013 when George Zimmerman was acquitted for the death of Trayvon Martin, and while it was founded on the basic principle that black lives matter as stated in meaning #1, it has since then taken on an agenda that is vastly more ambitious. BLM supports attacking capitalism, nationwide defunding of the police, imposing socialist and Marxist policies. They wish to topple the basic building blocks of society, the individual, the family, and replace it with the state; while also destroying the economic system that made America into the world's sole superpower and lifted more people from poverty than any other.

BLM has nothing to do with black lives, which is a shame. BLM is obsessed with taking everything that America stands for, and flipping it on its head.

Meaning #3: America is a Systemically Racist and Evil Nation

The final interpretation of the term black lives matter is that America is a bigoted, racist nation, with a system that actively does whatever it can to make sure that the black community never succeed. I don't even have to state how absolutely untrue and ridiculous that statement is.

Does racism exist? Of course it does, but that doesn't prove that systemic racism exist either. Next time a leftist tells you that systemic racism is a real thing, first ask them to define systemic racism, then ask them to name a single system in America that prejudices against blacks; they won't be able to answer either questions, because the term systemic racism is such a broadly defined term that has no real meaning or facts behind it.

The majority of players in the NBA are black, does that mean that the NBA is systemically racist against white people? The majority of tech and IT workers in America are white, does that mean that the tech field is systemically racist against non-white people? The answer to both questions is no. Companies and organizations simply choose the best candidate for the job, now that's not to deny the personal biases of some bigots out there, but for the vast majority, systemic racism is bogeyman, and trying to abolish it is a wild goose chase. And by the way, let's also just ignore the fact that the left controls almost all major institutions in America, so if America is systemically racist... well you know where I'm going here.

How The Democrats Trap Us Into A Bad Situation

When someone asks you if you think black lives matter, you must first ask them to define what they mean by black lives matter; are they talking about the term literally, the organization, or the systemic racism in America? Terms must be defined beforehand before any kind of debate or talk is engaged, especially in politics. The left specifically likes to stay vague in what the term black lives matter actually mean because now they have the option to either label us as a racist conservative for not agreeing with the practices of BLM, or they make us admit to supporting the Marxist policies of BLM.

Asking someone if they think black lives matter also has an insult built right into it, as it implies that any normal sane person in America will say that black lives don't matter. BLM is a front for a socialist agenda, and it has absolutely nothing to do with making black lives better, not one bit. BLM encourages riots and destroying the society, and yet they have no clue what to replace it with, their goal is merely to introduce marxism into the States.

Next time you see someone supporting riots and/or toppling down statues, ask them what they have done to make black lives better, what have they done for themselves? Because rioting and looting sure as hell isn't getting anyone anywhere.

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