The Myth That is White Privilege
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The Myth That is White Privilege

White privilege is seen as this evil and corrupt thing that is actively impeding on the rights of colored people, and some white people are even denouncing themselves for being white. But does white privilege really exist in America?
The Myth That is White Privilege

One of the major components of the leftist ideology is stopping "white privilege," the idea that all white people are inherently racist, only white people can be racist, and that they get special treatment in society while other races get left behind in the dust (but lets ignore the Asian-Americans that have successfully become one of the most educated and highest-wage people in this country).

This ties back into how the leftists want to turn the entirety of politics into identity politics, that your place in life and your ideas are set in stone by the color of the skin pigment, that there's no way that a black person can be a conservative, or a white person being non-racist; it simply just doesn't exist in the "reality" that the Democrats are living in. You shall be judged by your skin color, not your character, and if you're white, you're a detriment to society and a menace to people of color.

Your Place In Life and Success isn't Determined by Your Skin Color

Radical leftists have a really hard time accepting this fact. Let me ask you a question, when has a white person ever made you feel physically and tangibly oppressed because of their skin color, and what kinds of privileges did society give to them because of their skin color? The answer is almost certainly never, because white privilege is a myth. Never in my life have I ever seen a white person, and said to myself, "I'm sorry, but your skin color is actively impeding on my constitutional rights and I don't feel safe around you."

In America, there isn't a race issue, but rather a class issue, and there are poor and rich whites, and there are also poor and rich blacks. But money aside, under the constitution, every American is treated equal under law, there's nothing that actively impedes on a black person's right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. We all have our rights, and we have the freedom to make our own decisions, and the government isn't allowed to implement anything that actively impedes on those rights and freedoms, but the government isn't responsible for the consequences of those actions.

Most white people in this country probably don't even realize that this so-called "white privilege" even exists, because it's fake.  White people aren't actively using some kind of magical power in order to oppress people that aren't white, and make others give them special treatment. It's becoming pretty popular for white people to signal their virtue, also known as virtue-signalling, and they do it a myriad of ways; rioting, kneeling down for black people, posting on social media to prove that they're not racists, and of course addressing the "fact" that they have white-privilege and that they're sorry for being born white. It literally sounds like a dystopia where the citizens have been brain-washed into being crazed-lunatics, but no, this is the America that we're living in today, and it will continue for four more years if Biden is elected this November.

Racial Sensitivity Training

This isn't a joke. I really, really, really wished it was a joke. But it's not a joke. Racial sensitivity training is a real thing, and many companies are adopting this training regimen for their new employees. Similar to the story that I covered about the leftist education system indoctrinating America's youth, these racial sensitivity training programs are automatically assuming that the majority of American workers are too bigoted to work in a professional environment without saying a single racist or offensive thing; it's absolutely degrading and insulting to Americans.

Take a look at this picture showcasing Goodyear's racial sensitivity training in action that went somewhat viral less than a month ago:

Goodyear really sure is the most virtuous of all

Now I'm not going to make the whole limiting free speech argument because Goodyear is a private company and they're allowed to place limitations on what their employees are allowed and not allowed to say, but this just goes to show that in modern and mainstream America, conservatives, conservatives, Republicans, white people, Trump supporters, right-wingers, etc... are seen as the worst of the worst, one of the most racist and insensitive people on planet Earth, and that they should be eradicated in order to further society's best interests.

I don't need a company's training program to teach me how to be a decent human being, and these programs are nothing short of propaganda fueled by the left's radical ideas. If you think that every single white person in America is secretly a part of some organization that controls the government and is trying to get them some more of this so-called white privilege, you should probably take your medicine and get some rest. Whether is affirmative action in college admissions, affirmative action in job applications, or social discrimination such as black comedians being allowed to call a white person a cracker but a white person can't call a black person a nigger, there are very few things that a white person can do or have access to that other races can't and don't.

And again, let's just ignore Asian-Americans because they don't fit the left's narrative that minorities are underrepresented and they don't have equal opportunity to succeed in America.

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