Welcome to the Zoomer's Rants
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Welcome to the Zoomer's Rants

The first article of Zoomer's Rants
Welcome to the Zoomer's Rants

Hello, my name is Tyler Hoang, and welcome to the official first article of Zoomer's Rants, a blog where I and possibly a couple of friends write articles mostly concerning American politics and technology.

I've been meaning to make a site like this for quite some time now as I've never had a place to state my position and opinions on various topics that I feel passionate about. First let's take a moment to discuss the contents you'll be seeing on here:


First and foremost this is a conservative/right-leaning blog. If you can't handle that, then go somewhere else sissy-pants. But for those that are capable of just the tiny bit of patience, whether you're a conservative looking for articles that interest you, or a liberal that is open to looking at things from a different perspective, I welcome all of you. I myself, will try to be open to new ideas also.

This will not be a "news" blog, while there may be some stories that I like to cover, that's not the main purpose of this website. Most of the articles will be about fundamentals of conservatism and how they relate to the world around us today.


As for the technology aspect of the blog, I've been an avid GNU/Linux user for several years now and absolutely love hosting sites and services, such as the very website that you're reading this blog from right now! Most of the articles that I write about technology will be mostly related to Linux and the Free Software/Open Source community. I intend to get as many people as I can to escape the clutches of proprietary software and evil corporations and instead look towards free (as in freedom) and ethical software. Privacy and security will also be major topics that I will write about as both are human rights, not privileges.

In essence, that's a summary on who I am and what kind of content you can expect to read, so don't spam me about how offended you may be by the articles that I write; there aren't any safe havens here for the lot of you. This is a free speech website with no political correctness of any kind, so long as everyone is being civil and polite. Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading my other articles here at Zoomer's Rants.

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