When Did Being Proud To Be an American Become Racist?
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When Did Being Proud To Be an American Become Racist?

Patriotism is frowned upon by the left, but does the left really understand how many rights are given to them that aren't available in most places?
When Did Being Proud To Be an American Become Racist?

I'm an immigrant from Vietnam. I came here at the young age of six because my parents wanted me to have a better life than they had, and to experience the freedoms that the American people possessed that we didn't. We were well off in Vietnam, we had a decently sized house, enough money to afford vacations here and there, and we lived a very comfortable life; but my parents knew that living like this with no personal rights and liberty or say in politics and government wasn't the life that we wanted to live, even if we were well off, some things are more important than money, and my parents knew that better than anyone.

When I first came here, with my mom and my brother at my sides, I didn't know why we left Vietnam. Why did we move to this country where McDonald's are literally everywhere? I didn't understand why we gave up our comfortable life in Vietnam to move to the U.S. where my mom had to work 12+ hours a day just to afford to feed me and my brother. I was confused, and wanted to go back. Young me didn't understand politics, didn't understand rights and freedoms, and didn't understand that my parents was investing in me, investing in a better future and career for me.

Fast-forward to today, and I can't thank them enough for all they've done for me. My mom worked alone tirelessly to support my brother and I, and got us naturalized as official U.S. citizens. While my Vietnamese roots and traditions will live forever in me, I consider myself more of an American now, and I'm proud to be one. I love the freedoms granted to me by the Constitution, I love the history of the nation's founding under principles of liberty and life, and I love being able to actively participate in politics and voice my opinions, but the radical left wants to take away these rights that my parents worked so tirelessly to give to me. Patriotism is frowned upon by the left, and they wish to take away our god-given right of free speech, because anything that isn't leftist propaganda is racist and hateful.

Why is being an American racist when America doesn't even have a race? Americans are people from all over the world, it's the defining principle of America, that anyone can come to America and succeed, no matter your race, gender, or ethnicity. Being an American is being proud of who we are, an inclusive melting pot of people of all origins.

The Left Is Spoiled

Even though I came here when I was six, I actually spent two years in Vietnam, during 6th and 7th grade, because I was a bit more grown-up and my mom wanted me to have a deeper connection with my Vietnamese roots. I got to experience firsthand, the indoctrination of the students by the school system. I got to witness teachers spouting the benefits of communism and the horrors of capitalism to these young students. Ho Chi Minh, Lenin, and Marx were deemed to be gods. Honestly the only class that I thought was decent was civics class, essentially teaching you good manners. I feel like those classes should be a thing in America.

But you had no say in politics and government. The elections are rigged, the winner has already been chosen beforehand, and its one party system of government means that the Communist Party of Vietnam is destined to rule forever. If you were an average person who didn't like a policy or law, good luck changing it. Activism, free speech, and religious freedom is heavily restricted, and the corrupt police won't hesitate to arrest you for the tiniest bit of disobedience. Journalists and whistleblowers are arrested all the time, and the authoritarian government has cracked down on internet access and heavily censors it.

After experiencing the lack of civil and political liberties in Vietnam, I suddenly realized that this is why my parents wanted me to live in America. It was safer there, and I could get a quality education without being brainwashed into being a Marxist by the education system. I had rights here, my vote matters, and Americans enjoy more freedoms and rights than most nations on Earth. The special snowflakes of the left who were born here are spoiled, and they don't understand that we, as Americans, are some of the most free people on the planet; they think that American was founded on principles of hatred of blacks and native-americans, and that we are some of the most hateful people ever who are trying to dominate other countries.

I've experienced two very different governments in my life, one that actively impedes on my right to free speech, and one that doesn't. I rather live in the latter.

Virtue Signalling

The left thinks that they're so "woke" by pushing the leftist agenda and think that they're helping people of color and minority groups, but in reality they have no idea what problems these people go through every day, and these leftists are probably living amazing, comfortable lives too. White leftists liberals excel at one thing: feeling offended on behalf of other people.

Why the hell should this white leftist feel sorry for this black person? Is the white dude secretly black and understands everything that is going through the black person's mind? The left is great, unfortunately, at exploiting race, gender, and identity in order to further their agenda. Any Hispanic or Jew that actually reads up on leftist policies that are meant to help them will realize that these policies hurt them rather than help them. The left only pretends to help minority groups, they don't mean any of it.

No matter what side of the political spectrum you land on, in order to be a cohesive country, there needs to be something that everyone can stand by and be proud of. Here in America, that includes the flag and the national anthem. Liberals and conservatives alike should feel proud to be an American, to be able to discuss and talk politics without being prosecuted. Kneeling for the national anthem and burning the flag is radical, and it means that you are denouncing your god-given rights as an American, and I truly feel sorry for those people.

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